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Constituent Organisations of the Department  ::  Major & Medium Minor (Flow) GWD CAD OCTDMS

Statutory Bodies  ::  Water Resources Board (WRB) River Basin Organisation (RBO) Baitarani RBO

  Annual Reports
  Activity Report of Divisions  
  O & M Manual of Dams 
  Emergency Action Plan
  Potential Created
  Budget Provision & Allotment 
  Outcome Budget  
  Online & Offline Tender Info.
  Cabinet Decisions
  Minutes of Meetings 
  Gazette Notification
  Notifications Relating To Restructuring
  Notifications Relating To Water Services
  Notices & Office Order
  Human Resources
  Appointment, Transfer & Posting
  Right to Information

Irrigation Scenario

  An Overview of Irrigation Scenario
  Irrigation Sectors
  Irrigation Schemes
  District Irrigation Plan
  Districtwise Potential Created
  Villagewise Potential Created since 2014-15 
  Villagewise Command Area Statement 
  MasterPlan for 35% Irrigation

Irrigation Projs. (Maj & Med)

  Abstract of Maj & Med Projects
  Completed Projects
  Ongoing Projects
  About completed & ongoing projects
  Proposed Projects
  Canal Systems Network
  Rotational Irrigation Plan for Khariff Season
  Kharif and Rabi Irrig. Prog & Coverage

Other Activities

  Hydrology Project
  Project Planning
  Forest Clearance
  Environment Clearance
  Land Acquisition
  Rehab. & Resettlement
  Status of Engg. Design & Drawing
  Dam Safety Organisation
  Water Pricing for Non-Irrigation Use
  Water Pricing & Cost Recovery
  Water Supply to Industries & Others
  Benchmarking of Irrigation Projects
  e-Governance & IT Initiatives
 13th Finance Commission Grant
  12th Finance Commission Grant
  Quality Control & Quality Assurance
  Recreational Activities

Water Resources of Odisha

  An Overview of Water Resources
  Basins & River System
  River System & Basin Planning
  Basin Maps
  Health of Major River Basins
  Water Resources Policy Framework

Flood Control & Drainage

  Major Flood Occurrences
  Flood Control & Drainage
NGT Matters
  Information on Water Bodies
In The News
  Office Order reg. Opening of Service Book, Drawal of Arrear Salary in respect of 229nos newly posted AEE(Civil)
  Order for reporting of 31 nos. Asst. Ex. Engineers (Civil) to duty in EIC,WR establishment
  Relieve order of 198 newly recruited Asst. Ex. Engineers (Civil)
  Appointment and Posting of Asst. Ex. Engineers  (Civil)
  Appointment and Posting of Asst. Ex. Engineers (Mechanical)
  Creation of COs & DDOs after restructuring of OES cadre

Acts, Rules, Plan, Policies Guidelines & Resolution

 1800 345 7493 Toll Free
Flood Control Room,O/o EIC,WR





Hydrological Information'2021

  Daily Flood Bulletin
  Discharge Status
  Gauge Status
[+]  Isohytes::
  Reservoir Graph
  About Gauge Sites 
  About Reservoirs

FLOOD Preparedness'2021

[+] Embarkment Health
[+] Flood Fighting Materials

End of Monsoon 2020 Info.

  Cumulative Rainfall 2020
  Live Storage Availability � Year wise
  Live Storage Availability � Reservoir wise

Externally Aided Projects


Useful Links

  Govt. of Odisha Web Portal
  State Grievance Redressal Portal
  Hydro-Met Data Query System
  Contractor Database Management System Portal
  Online Tendering Portal
  Pani Panchayat WebSite
  Special Relief Commissioner
  Orissa Construction Corp.
  Ministry of Water Resources GoI
  Central Water Commission
  Indian Network on PIM
  Odisha State Maritime Museum

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Water is like religion and ideology. It has the power to move millions of people. People have moved to settle close to it. People move when there is too little of it. People move when there is too much of it. People journey down it. People write, sing and dance about it. People fight over it. All living creatres, everywhere and everyday need it. Water cycle and Life cycle are not different.
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