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OCTMP (Odisha Community Tank Management Project) Completed..


OIIPCRA (Odisha Integrated Irrigation Project for Climate Resilient Agriculture) 




Social Assessment & Management Framework


Environmental Assessment & Management Framework

Annexure-II (Study Methodology)


Annexure-III (Baseline Data)


Annexure-IV (Study Tools Used)

  Annexure-V(Stakeholder's Concerns)

  Annexure-VI(Pest & Nutrition Management Plan)

  Annexure-VII(Aquaculture Plan)

  Annexure-VIII(Civil Works)

  Annexure-IX(Dam Safety Managment Plan)

  Annexure-X(Air, Surface, Gr.Water & Soil Monitoring Parameters)

  Annexure-XI(Guidance on Chance Find Procedures)

  Annexure-XII(Minutes of Meeting of Workshop on ESMF, Dt.23-03-2019)


GCF (Green Climate Fund)



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