List of Notifications

Pani Panchayat

Release of Grant-in-Aid to PPs and collection of UCs  (OO No.33407 Dt.17-Oct-2008)
(Amendment to OrderNo.40037 Dt.31.12.05)
Formation of CAD & PIM Directorate (Notification Dt.16-Jan-2008)
Empowering PPs to levy, collect fee and water tax (Notification Dt.21-Jan-2008)
Abolition of Directorate of CAD (Notification Dt.09-Aug-2006)
Nomination of EE & DAO to the Executive Committee (Notification Dt.27-Jul-2006)
Nomination of JE & JAO to the Executive Committee (Notification Dt.27-Jul-2006)
App.of Competent Authority for Sapargargh,Talsara, Baghua Projs. (Notification Dt.19-Jan-2006)
Construction of office building of Pani Panchayats (Notification Dt.07-Jun-2005)
Election Symbols for election related to Farmers' Orgn. (Notification Dt.31-Aug-2004)
Constitution of Dist. Level Advisory Committee for PPs (Notification Dt.26-Nov-2001)
Scheme for Pani Panchayat (Notification Dt.30-Dec-2000)
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