Important Notification/Resolution/Information Pertaining to Water Services

(Industrial, Commercial & Other Establishments)




Enhancement of License Fee/ Special Water Rate w.e.f 01.04.2021
  (EIC,WR Letter No.10085(WE), dt. 31.03.2021 )  
Enhancement of License Fee/ Special Water Rate w.e.f 01.04.2020
  (EIC,WR Letter No.8561(WE), dt. 24.04.2020 )  
Enhancement of License Fee/ Special Water Rate w.e.f 01.04.2019 to 31.03.2020
  (EIC,WR Letter No.9543(WE), dt. 29.03.2019 )  
Procedure for Permission/ Allocation (NOC) of Water for Drinking & Domestic use in the State of Odisha
  ( DoWR Notification No.17953, dt. 05.07.2018 )  
Delegation of Power to EEs for Allocation of Water with the Small Water Consuming Industries/ Commercial Organizations
  ( DoWR Notification No.16476, dt. 21.06.2018 )  
Settlement of Outstanding Industrial Water Rate of MCL (Other Central/ State PSUs)
  ( DoWR Rsolution No.10066, dt. 27.04.2017 )  
Policy Frame Work& Guidelines for Coal Washeries
  ( Notification No.10477/SM, dt. 29.10.2015 )  
License Fee Against Consumption of Sea Water
  ( Revenue Deptt. Letter No.8080/R, dt. 14.02.2000 )  
Guideline for Diversion of Irrigated/ to be Irrigated Land for Industrial Purpose by Acquisition or Direct Purchase by the Industries
  ( DoWR Notification No.4538, dt. 24.02.2016 )  
Procedure for Permission/ Allocation of Water to Industrial, Commercial & Other Establishments
  ( DoWR Notification No.3017, dt. 09.02.2016 )  
Phasing/ Rephasing of Industrial Water Allocation
  ( DoWR Notification No.13233, dt. 04.06.2016 )  
Odisha Irrigation (Amendment) Rules, 2016
  (Gazette Notification No. 1716, Dt. 27.09.2016)  
Odisha Irrigation (Amendment) Rules, 2015
  (Gazette Notification No. 1473, Dt. 17.10.2015)  
Installment Facilities of Water Conservation Fund (WCF)
  (Gazette Notification No. 1545, Dt. 07.11.2015)  
Constitution, Administration & Utilization of Water Conservation Fund (WCF)
  ( DoWR Notification No.11011, dt. 18.05.2015 )  
Odisha Irrigation (Amendment) Rules, 2012
  (Gazette Notification No. 1781, Dt. 13.09.2012)  
Deposit of Processing Fee & Security Deposit
  (Gazette Notification No. 1891, Dt. 15.11.2010)  
Fixation of Jurisdiction of Divisions for Collection of Industrial Water Rate
  (Gazette Notification No. 1614, Dt. 28.08.2008)  
Odisha Irrigation (Amendment) Rules, 1998
  (Gazette Notification No. 905, Dt. 18.07.1998)  
Odisha Irrigation (Amendment) Rules, 1994
  (Gazette Notification No. 1149, Dt. 26.09.1994)