N o t i f i c a t i o n 

Notifications Relating To Restructuring                 

Permission / Allocation of water

Simplified Procedure on Water Allocation and Payment for use of water by industrial, commercial & other establishments (DoWR Notification No.625 dtd.08-01-2019)  
Procedure for permission / allocation (NOC) of water for drinking and domestic use  (DoWR Notification No.17953 dtd.05-07-2018)  

Reorganization, Renaming of existing offices of S.Es and Redistribution of Works

Renaming of existing offices of S.Es  (DoWR Notification No.17230 dtd.25-07-2016)  

Reorganization, Renaming of Offices of the Chief Engineers and Redistribution of Works

Renaming of O/o the Directorate of Ground Water Survey & Investigation  (DoWR Notification No.15459 dtd.01-07-2016)  
Renaming of O/o the Chief Engineers  (DoWR Notification No.15465 dtd.01-07-2016)  

Ease of Doing Business (eBiz)

Phasing/ Re-phasing of Industrial water allocation (DoWR Notification No.13233 dtd.04-06-2016)  

Procedure for permission/ allocation of water to Industrial, Commercial & other establishments (DoWR Notification No.3017 dtd.09-02-2016)  

Notification Regarding e-Governance (UCMS / IFMS /  WAMIS)

Roll out of Utilization Certificate Monitoring System (UCMS) 
VAT and Royalties through Works Module of IFMS & WAMIS 

Collection of cess and Implementation of Building and other Construction Workers' Welfare cess act,1996 and Rules thereunder.  

Gazette Notification of Labour & Employment Department

Letter No.2732,dtd.29.09.2015 of Labour & Employment Department 
Letter No.2503,dtd.26.08.2015 of Labour & Employment Department 

Halfyearly Professional & Departmental Examination

Ist Half yearly Professional Examination 2020 re-scheduled in combination with 2nd Half yearly Professional Examination 2020 to be held during December 


Postponed of Ist Half yearly Professional Examination 2020 and Re-scheduled in combination with 2nd Half yearly Professional Examination December -2020 


Ist Half yearly Professional Examination June-2020 


Ist Half yearly Professional Examination-22 to be held during July-2022 


Admit Card of Candidates


Abstract Roll Number of Candidates


Venue and Time Table of Professional Examination

2nd Half yearly Professional Examination-2022 to be held during December-2022 

  Venue and Time Table of Professional Examination
  Admit Card of Candidates
  Abstract Roll Number of Candidates

Ist Half yearly Professional Examination-21 scheduled in combination with 2nd Half yearly Professional Examination-21 to be held on during December -2021


Time Table of Professional Examination  


List of 295 nos. of J.Es, A.Es & A.E.Es intending to appear the 2nd Half yearly Professional Examination-21

Application Form 

Accounts Training Certificate 

Data Format for analysis of Project cost

To be submitted with proposals for Extension of Time (EoT), Deviation, Escalation, Differential Cost, Contract Closure etc.

Posting of DDO Regarding Establishment & works

Posting of DDO of the O/o the E.I.C Water Resources in respect of Establishment &Works

Clarification Regarding e-Disbursement of works expenditure

Clarification on e-Disbursement  of works expenditure of Irrigation Projects,Public works& Forest Divisions directly into the Bank account of the payees in place of paper based cheque.

Reorganisation of the Offices under EIC, WR, Odisha, Bhubaneswar

Reorganisation of the O/o the C.E. Designs Research & Quality Control, Bhubaneswar/  C.E,Investigation & C.E. PP&F, Bhubaneswar (order no 7266 dt.09.07.14)

Irrigation Rules

Orissa Irrigation (Amendment) Rules, 2010  

Methods of Recruitment & Conditions of Service Rules 

Odisha Diploma Engineer's Service (Methods of Recruitment & Conditions of Service) Rules-2012
Gazette Notification
Odisha Engineering Service (Methods of Recruitment & Conditions of Service) Rules-2012
Gazette Notification

Constitution of Baitarani River Basin Organisation

The Resolution (order no 22162 dt.04.09.10)  

 International Post Graduate Diploma and Master's course in Hydrology

Nomination of Engineers/Scientists to the 41st International post graduate Hydrology courses commencing with effect from July 20, 2012 (order no.2483 dt.27.03.12)

Sponsoring officers for admission to M.Tech Programme

Application form for Admission to M.Tech/P.G. Diploma courses in WRD and IWM for the academic session-2012-2013 (order no.1667dt.06.03.12)

Restructuring of the Cadre of the Orissa Engineering Service 

Notification regarding details of the offices Renamed / Redeployed under Major & Medium Irrrigation Sector (order no 27380 dt.02.12.14)
Notification regarding Newly Created under Major & Medium Irrrigation Sector (order no 27386 dt.02.12.14)
The Resolution (order no 1468 dt.21.01.10)

Participatory Irrigation Management Programme

Gazette Notifications
Grading of Pani Panchayats in the State (order no 15895 dt.22.4.08)
Guidelines for execution of works through PPs under NREGS (order no.18635 dt.16.5.08)


Codal Provision regarding e-Procurement (WD OM no 7885 dt. 23.07.13) 
Guidelines/Procedure to be followed in introduction of e-Procurement (WD OM no 1027 dt. 24.1.09)
Constitution of state e-Procurement cell (WD OM no 8904 dt. 6.5.08)
Implementation of e-Procurement in the State (WD OM no 8894 dt.6.5.08)

Hosting of Tenders on Govt. Web Site

Limit of cost of tenders
Publication of Tender Call Notice in Odia/English dailies

Re-constitution of Technical Advisory Committee

Re-constitution of  technical advisory committee for Irrigation Projects.


Implemention of Electronic Filing of PAR of Group-A and Group-B Officers of State Government from the Assessment Year 2014-15 
Amendment to Rule-3 of Appendix-VIII of the Odisha Public Works Department Code, Volume-II (Public Works Department Contractors Registration Rules-1967)
Enhancement of retirement age on superannuation of State Government Employees (order no 19408 dt.28.06.14)
Extension of Left and Right Canal System of Upper Indravati Irrn. Project in Orissa-Environmental Clearance-Reg.
Book Circular No.47-Relationship between Members of Parliament and State Legislators and Government Servents.
Propagation and popularization of use of symbol for the Indian Rupees.
Labour and employment Department 
Construction of Ghatakeswar Multipurpose Project (DoWR No.19479 dt.20.7.09)   

Planning & Coordination Department: Database on Blacklisted NGOs/VOs


Finance Department: Offline payment of taxes and government dues through Agency Banks attached to Cyber Treasury to be routed through RBI, Public Accounts Department(PAD), BBSR

Development, Implementation & Support Services of "Fully Online Mode of License Registration / Renewal / Cancellation & Enhancement of other Ancillary Services of Contractor Database Management (CDMS) Application"

Office Memorandum 18281 dtd.31.12.2021 regarding "Bid Security / Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) "

Office Memorandum 18272 dtd.31.12.2021 regarding "Performance Security"