Pani Panchayat Samachar
(A quarterly magazine published by the Department )

               52 & 53 rd Issue              SEP'2017 

Check dam constructed under Minor irrigation.

Lift irrigation Point Rabi irr. under minor irrigation project
               51 th Issue              MAR'2017  

Workshop at WALMI 

EPA programme by WALMI Upliftment of livehood.

                       50 th Issue                        Dec'2016

Interstate study tour cum exposure visit to WALMI

Pani panchayat members at Bidyadharpur on an exposure visit. Mixed farming
               49th Issue                 SEP'2016  

Sprinkler irrigation

Crop production by use of Furrow irr. method Rabi Irrigation under Kuanria Irr. Project.
               47 & 48 th Issue              JUNE'2016 

closing ceremony of pp Fortnight celebration (2015-16).

Training Programme for Engineers/Members of PP . Visit of PP members to diff. Irrigation projects.
                   46th Issue                      DEC'2015

Hon'ble CM of Odisha at Closing ceremony of PP Fortnight Celebration(2015-16)

Falicitation of Progressing PPs during PP Fortnight Celebration.

Prize distribution ceremony during PP Fortnight Celebration.

               45th Issue                    SEP'2015

District Level Celebration of PP Fortnight

Shallow bore well from OLIC.

Exhibition Stall from Deptt. of Agriculcure & Horticulture during pp Fortnight celebration..

                43 &44 Issue                    JUN'2015

PP Fortnight Celebration (2014-15)

                 42nd Issue                 DEC'2014

State Level PP Fortnight Celebration (2014-15)


District Level PP Fortnight Celebration at Cuttack (2014-15).


                 41th Issue                 SEP'2014

Training programme at WALMI

PP office Building(OLIC)

         39th&40th Issue           JUNE'2014

District level observation of PP fortnight

District level observation of PP fortnight(OLIC)

Prize distribution ceremony during observation of pp fortnight  

                  38thIssue                  DEC'2013

observation of PP fortnight(2013-14)

meeting regarding PP

observation of pp fortnisht  at OECF Divn.No.II

            36th &37thIssue                  SEP'2013

closing ceremony-state level observation of PP fortnight 2012-13

Training Programme at WALMI Hon'ble CM at the closing ceremony of PP fortnight observation
                35th Issue                  MAR'2013  Hon'ble CM Sri N. Pattnaik at the closing ceremony of PP fortnight observation   Division level workshop during  PP fortnight observation  Exhibition at WALMI 
                34th Issue                  DEC'2012

Closing ceremony of District level PP fortnight by Hon'ble CM Sri N. Pattnaik

Diff. winning projects during PP fortnight closing ceremony

PP fortnight celebration at Cuttack

                33th Issue              Sep'2012

 Hon'ble C.M Sri N. pattnaik Inagurating  deep borewell at Ulunda block of sonepur District.

Workshop organised by WALMI in Diff. Districts.

Workshop on Operationalisation of PIM in Odisha at WALMI

                  32th Issue                 June'2012

Different programme conducted through PP under MGNREGS

PP officials on a out of state  visit to Walamtary ,hyderabad 

Deligates from TN attending the training programme organised by WALMI

                     31st Issue                March'2012

National level programme on PIM at WALMI

Field visit during National level  programme on PIM

            30th Issue             Dec'2011

Jagannath Panipanchayat -a successfull one under Lift Irrigation project

Pipe laying Programme through national farming development programme

National Farming Development programme-

             29th Issue              Sep'2011

Main programme of PP in Diff Irrigation projects

Development of command area & water management Programme through PP

Three new Programme for the development of Farmers

             28th Issue              June'2011

Emerging Farmers from the state Tamilnadu ,visiting the canal repairing work being executed through Pani Panchayat

Emerging Farmers from the state Tamilnadu & PP officials at Salia Irrigation Project & discussing with PP Officials at Derjang project committee Community Hall.

Training Programme of PP officials at Walmi.

             27th Issue              March'2011

Interactive programme through Gramsat.Farmers Training Programme at Salia Medium Irr. project Conducted by WALMI.

National level Training Programme at Walmi PP officials at Walmi Inspection Field
                26th Issue                Dec'2010

Hon'ble C.M at the inaguration of "Observation of PP fortnight (2010-11) at Kanijhari irrigation Project.

Observation Of PP Fortnight(2010-11) at Diff. Irrigation Divisions.

Observation of PP fortnight (2010-11) At Boudh & Salia Irrigation projects.

25th Issue
Sep' 2010

Inaguration of  State Level PP workshop and Exhibition at WALMI. 

Pani Panchayat Workshop at WALMI

Visit of  MOWR officials to WALMI.

24th Issue
June' 2010
Campaigning on the eve of PP Fortnight at Salia irrigation Project.  Observation  of PP Fortnight at Salia irrigation Project. District  Level workshop conducted at F.T.C, WALMI 
23rd Issue
March 2010
Concluding session of PP fortnight(09-10) PP awards distributed by Hon'ble CM, Odisha Street play on the eve of concluding session of PP fortnight
22nd Issue
December 2009
Interaction with PP representatives over GRAMSAT programme Training program for farmers and WRD Engineers at WALMI Field visit of PP representatives to CropDemonstration Farm of WALMI 
21st Issue
September 2009
APC(top) and Comm-cum-Secy, WR (bot) addressing on the occasion of State Level PP workshop conducted by WALMI Agri-equipments on display in an exhibition held on the occasion Farmer representatives from Tamilnadu and UP at WALMI (top), a view of  WALMI research farm(bot)
20th Issue
June 2009
Inauguration of decentralization of training program by Comm-cum-Secy, WR Deptt. ToT jointly organised by WALMI & OLIC On farm training of PP members by WALMI
19th Issue
March 2009
Observation of PP fortnight at Ghodahado Irrg Project Inaguration of State level PP fortnight by Hon'ble CM, Odisha at BBSR on 09.01.09 Hon'ble CM felicitating Pani Panchayat of Upper Indravati IP on the closing ceremony
18th Issue
June 2008
Canal work carried out by Pani Panchayats Training prog. for Farmers and Engineers at WALMI Training Programme in progress in Budhabudhiani Irr Project
17th Issue
March 2008
Pr.Secy, WR presenting awards to PPs Exhibition(L) and Functions(R) on the eve of World water Day
16th Issue
December 2007
All India Water Users' Association Session Farmers' training programme by WALMI at Chandikhol 2008 the Year of Irrigation
15th Issue
September 2007
The Apex Committee members of Derjang PP with the Representatives of Asian Dev. Bank The Apex Committee members of Derjang PP with the Representatives of World Bank Gramashree Mela during Rathyatra, Puri


14th Issue
June 2007
Pani panchayat elections underway 
(Upper Indravati IP)
Training programme
 for farmers at WALMI

Repair work of Bahuda Irrg. Project through Grant