Odisha State Water Plan
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Executive Summary

The Report

Part-A  The state of Odisha
Part-B  The water management context
Part-C  Odisha's resource base
Part-D  The use and management of Odisha's water resources
Part-E  State water plan objectives and structure

1 Function of departments and other state agencies concerned with water resources development
2 Sector-wise plan outlay and expenditure in Odisha
3 Percentage of population below poverty line
3a Percentage of population below poverty line in major states (rural & urban)
4 Per capita state income of major state of India for 2000-01
5 District index of living conditions
6 District population
7 Basin-wise population
8 Estimate of basin-wise number of industrial workers (2001 and 2051)
9 Basin area
10 Extent of soil types
11 District-wise (undivided) water logged area
12 Rate of extraction of important minerals
13 Share of Odisha in All-India Resource stock and output 1991-92 to 1999-2000
14 Production of minerals/ores
15 Actual forest cover based on satellite data
16 Forest area diverted to non-forest use
17 Wildlife census 2002
18 Odisha Rivers
19 Flow series of Odisha (present scenario - 2001)
20 Inflow of individual basins (present scenario - 2001)
21 Inflow of individual basins (future scenario - 2051)
22 Groundwater resource of Odisha
23 Per capita water resources in basins of Odisha (present and future scenario)
24 Monthly per capita consumption of fish in major state of Odisha (present and future scenario)
25 Maritime state-wise (inshore) marine fishery resource potential
26a Requirement of water for pisciculture tanks/ponds
26b Requirement of water for pisciculture tanks/ponds including hatcheries
27 Water supply to urban agglomerations
28 Water supply to towns
29 Demand of food grains
30 Land utilisation pattern
31 Operational land holdings
32 Yield and production of food grains
33 District irrigation potential
34 Irrigation provided in 2001-02
35 Level of industrialization of Indian states
36 Industrial structure of Odisha
37 Important iron ore mines
38 Steel production and water demand forecast
39 Alumna and aluminium metal production
40 Existing thermal power plants
41 Proposed thermal power plants
42 Distribution of mines in Odisha's river basins
43 Estimated industrial water demand
44 Water quality criteria
45 Water quality of river Mahanadi
46 Brahmani river: Range of SI and DI values observed in 2002 and 2003
47 Brahmani river: Violation of fecal coliform norms
48 Brahmani river: Summary of Water Quality Assessment results
49 Severe storm events
50 Sectoral composition of NSDP
51 Basin-wise number of livestock poultry

1 Domestic product of Odisha  
2 Rural population below poverty line  
3 Urban population below poverty line  
4 Population growth rate  
5 Forest area  
6 Storage capacity  
7 consumption of Fish  
8 Population projection  
9 Land use pattern  
10 Net sown area  
11 Cropping intensity  
12 Irrigation potential created  
13a Irrigation coverage (Khariff)  
13b Irrigation coverage (Rabi)  
14 Consumption of fertiliser  
15 Yield rate of paddy  
16 Production of rice and food grains  
17 Organisation structure of DoWR  
18 Information system plan for DoWR  
19 State Institution: Water Resources Development & Management  
1 Odisha : Districts
2 Odisha : Physiography
3 Odisha : River Basin
4 Odisha : Population Density
5 Odisha : Distribution of SC/ST
6 Odisha : Per capita income
7 Odisha : Soils
8 Odisha : Cultivable area to Geographical area
9 Odisha : Agro Climatic zones
10 Odisha : Annual isohytes
11 Odisha : Irrigation coverage
12 Odisha : Yield rate of paddy
13 Odisha : Minerals
14 Odisha : Industries
15 Odisha : Flood prone map
16 Odisha : Isolines of return period of severe drought
17 Odisha : Drainage congestion
18a Odisha : Ground water - hydrogeological maps
18b Odisha : Ground water - depth to water table (pre-monsoon)
18c Odisha : Ground water - depth to water table (post-monsoon)
19 Odisha : Per capita availability of surface water (future scenario)
20 Odisha : Water quality - pollution stretch in Mahanadi and Brahmani 
21 Odisha : Forest
22 Odisha : Land capability map
A Institutional reforms
B Inter-state agreements
C Inter-basin transfer of water
D1 Irrigation coverage in Basins
D2 List of Major & Medium projects
E Super cyclone 1999
F Water Quality
G Flood in Mahanadi

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